Joe Stickell American Legion Post 15

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You have reached the Joe Stickell American Legion Post 15.We are located in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania and meet in our Post home at 63 East Main Street, Waynesboro, PA

We are very fortunate to have many organizations within our post, we have the Joe Stickell Post 15, the Sons of the Legion, the Ladies Auxiliary and the Home Association. Check out their links on the right side of this page and click the logo! This site is designed to keep you as informed as possible about what the American Legion Post 15 of Waynesboro has to offer.AL Emblem

We support our Country, our Military and the people who served with pride as well as our Community and the people within!

We also have the newest and most up to date kitchen around!

 We can provide you and your party a delightful dining and catering experience!

Click the Post 15 Cafe’ Logo to Check out our food menus.